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Teen Focus
Online School An Accredited Online Leadership Academy

Providing high quality, individualized learning where all youth experience education while feeling safe, loved, and valued.

Our Programs

At Teen Focus Inc, we offer a variety of programs to support at-risk teens aged 10-18. Our programs include online middle and high school options, personalized support systems, mental health and social emotional learning workshops, and vocational training. We also promote core values such as academic success, character education, and mindfulness.

Middle and High School Programs

Our online middle and high school programs are designed to help struggling students catch up and excel in their academic studies. We offer personalized support and a variety of courses to fit each student's needs.

Pathway - College & Career | Remediation
Advanced Courses | STEM | Performing Arts | Leadership | Skills Refinement

Motivational Growth Coaching Services

Our Motivational Growth Coaching Services will ensure that your student is excited and ready to reap the many rewards and different benefits within school. This will help them to be a better student, and within their college, career, and beyond pathways!

Saturday Sessions & Workshops

We offer a large array of Saturday Sessions and Workships for students to stay on track and excel within school. These workshops range from:

Mental Health | Social-Emotional Learning | Never Bullied | Leaders of Tomorrow

Teen Focus Mentor Training

Is your student looking for a strong and secure adult in the profession of their dreams? Are they hoping to build more intentional connections with their peers and those around them?

Teen Focus Mentor Training provides students an opportunity to learn and grow from professionals who will take the time and support necessary to learn and grow.


At Teen Focus Inc, we are proud of the positive impact we have on our students and their families. Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients:

"I suffer from social anxiety due to severe bullying when I was in the 5th grade. I never wanted to participate in any group activities because I just knew I would not belong. After finding Teen Focus, I finally have a place where I feel I belong."

Tamra, a Teen Focus Inc student

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