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Meet Dr. Kim Scott

I am so glad you are here.

Welcome to Teen Focus Inc, where Dr. Kim Scott, a seasoned educator, counselor, and author, leads the way as Founder, CEO, and President. Hailing from California, Dr. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and qualifications to her roles, holding a Doctorate in Education in Counseling Psychology, a Master's in Educational Counseling, and a Bachelor's in Behavioral Science. Certified in Clear Pupil Personnel Services Counseling (PPS), with additional credentials in Administrative Services and Addiction and Substance Abuse, Dr. Scott is dedicated to empowering today's youth.

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Image by Pang Yuhao

Dr. Scott's Story:

At Teen Focus, Dr. Scott spearheads a personal development program aimed at nurturing students' social-emotional and restorative skills through individual and group counseling sessions. Beyond Teen Focus, Dr. Scott serves as an educational consultant, collaborating with schools, enrichment programs, and nonprofits to implement tailored enhancements and improvements.

Drawing from her extensive experience as a school administrator and counselor, Dr. Scott understands the importance of personalized support for each student's journey. She has a proven track record of increasing attendance rates and facilitating academic and behavioral interventions to meet diverse learning needs.

Passionate about fostering personal and academic growth, Dr. Scott believes in unlocking students' potential through intrinsic motivation and positive relationships. Her expertise extends to offering training in social-emotional learning, self-motivation, mindfulness, and self-esteem building.

With a background in life coaching, school leadership, and nonprofit management, Dr. Scott is equipped to lead and support organizations dedicated to serving disadvantaged youth. Join us at Teen Focus Inc as we empower the leaders of tomorrow.


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